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Financial institutions


" Updating the new banknotes, with a SD-card, was undoubtedly definitely the crucial criterion ... "

" SC-8220 has several features that simplify our work. " This is what one of our customers in Switzerland said when we asked them why they chose the SC-8220.

The SC-8220 is a 1+1 Pocket Value and Multi Currency Counter with the latest features such as UV LED for higher accuracy and minimal effort when detecting bad notes and counterfeits.

Crèdit Andorrà

Self-service 24/7

With this innovating self-service concept, the bank customers got full flexibility to execute their banking needs anytime - any day of the year.

Click here to view video (please note that the video is in Spanish).


“Customers now have the benefit of an easy-to-use automated coin depositing system"

HSBC is marketed as ‘the world’s local bank’. It’s a reputation that has been built on meeting the needs of customers at branch level. Finding a self-service solution for cash depositing has enabled the bank to improve its service to customers through a user friendly interface and relieve counter staff of a time consuming task.

The CDS 830, selected by HSBC, is fitted with SCAN COIN’s state-of-the-art coin sensor technology and offers full PC based on-line connectivity. A colour screen guides customers through the depositing process and allows them to make their selections quickly and easily. Screen graphics can be personalised to suit individual customers. A card reader and encrypted pin pad provide control over access to the machine.